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Low-Volume Manufacturing Goes Mainstream--- Urethane casting

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Low-Volume Manufacturing Goes Mainstream--- Urethane casting

Low volume manufacturing is a specialized service offering full production-quality parts but in volumes

usually limited to 100,000 pieces or fewer, depending on the process used. Low-volume manufacturing 

services provided by Leecheer Prototype Company include plastic injection molding, pressure die casting, 

CNC machining, urethane casting (Vacuum casting). Today, Leecheer will focus on urethane casting, 

also called vacuum casting, to let you know more detail about Urethane casting.

Urethane casting provides end-use, rigid or flexible plastic parts with production-level quality. 

Built without expensive and time-consuming hard tooling, our urethane casting process uses 

a 3D printed master pattern and silicone molds to deliver high-quality, short-run parts up to 30” long. 

The finished dimensions of urethane cast parts depends on the accuracy of the master model, 

part geometry and casting material. In general, a shrinkage rate of + 0.15% is expected.

The  benefits of Urethane Casting

1.Highly Accurate Production

Our typical tolerance on Urethanes is +/- 0.1cm. Irregular or overly-thick geometries may cause 

deviances to normal tolerances due to shrinkage. A shrinkage rate of +0.15% can be expected 

due to thermal expansion of the liquid, and the response of the flexible mold.

2.A Wide Variety of Finish Options

Urethane-Casted parts can be either rigid, flexible, or even rubber-like depending on the 

composition of the Urethane used. We offer Urethane in a wide variety of color options such as:

transparent (standard), black, blue, yellow, red, and green. Parts may also be applied with a standard, 

smooth finish, or a custom finish, which includes adding hardware installations and painting.

3. Rapid Turnaround on Parts

Urethane parts have great end-use applications and can often bring a project to its next level 

for end-user testing or short run production. Urethane cast parts typically ship in 2-4 weeks.


The advantages of Urethane Casting


Polyurethane cast materials are available in rigid or flexible end-use plastics. Urethane cast parts are generally 

as tough or tougher than injection molded pieces, and are significantly stronger than 3D printed counterparts.


Our casting process is optimal for low-volume production for quantities of one to several hundred.  

On average, a silicone mold can accurately cast about 20-50 parts. The maximum quantity varies based 

on part design and material cast.


We offer a wide range of rigid and flexible urethane cast materials, from very soft and flexible (Shore A) 

to extremely rigid and impact resistant (Shore D). Parts are cast in a color that is blended to your specifications.


The urethane casting process is capable of reproducing small details.  Little to no finishing is required,

because the desired textures and finish levels are applied to the master pattern.


Urethane cast parts are shipped within 15 business days, depending on order specifications and volume.  

By contrast, injection molded parts can take months to build.

The applications of Urethane Casting


Urethane cast parts are perfect for low-quantity production — when volumes do not justify investment 

in injection mold tooling — as well as for first run production parts, which can be completed weeks 

before production tooling is ready.


The urethane casting process and relatively inexpensive tooling involved makes it easy and economical 

to make any necessary design changes.  Additionally, different materials can be used with the same mold, 

making it possible to test designs with a variety of materials.


End-user functionality and a high-quality finish makes urethane cast parts ideal for consumer testing, 

user evaluation and concept models.  Using the cast urethane process means that changes can be 

incorporated quickly for either further testing or market launch.

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