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How CNC Prototype Manufacturing Works

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How CNC Prototype Manufacturing Works

CNC Prototype is a common mould in the industrial design and production. At present, most prototype

factories use the CNC machines to achieve such CNC prototype

There are six main procedures of CNC prototype manufacturing.

1. Programming. Programming is the first procedure of CNC prototype manufacturing. 

Programming personnel will analyze the 3D data of product and compile programming language 

which controls the CNC machining center.

2. CNC machining. The programming language is compiled into computer and 

the CNC machine will machine the raw material according to command of programme.

3. Post-processing. After the whole processing of production, the proof-reading , 

cleaning rough selvedge, and polishing should be handled by hand processing.

4. Surface finish . Different surface treatment of all kinds of effect picture will be achieved

 by sprayed painting, plating, anodizing ,silk-screen and so on.

5. Checking and Assembly. After the finishment of CNC prototype , QC is an necessary

to check the structure, dimension of prototype. It also need to be assembled to check its quality.

6. Packaging. After all the product be machined and assembled , the product can be packaged.

The six focusing steps of CNC prototype manufacturing are rough job steps. The practical operation 

should be decided by the supervisor mode and enterprise scale. 

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