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Materials Choosing For CNC Machining

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Materials Choosing For CNC Machining

Many products need to be made prototype by manufacturers to test the feasibility and appearance 

of products. Manufacturing prototype is the most direct way to find defect, shortage, disadvantage

 of the real prototype compared with product design. After improve the defect, it can put into

batch manufacturing. So the significance and precision of prototype manufacturing directly decide

the batch manufacturing conforming to design requirements or not. So what kind of Matters needing 

attention when manufacturing CNC prototype?

1. General prototype . The material of general prototype always is ABS. ABS is easy to process 

and the post- processing also pretty.

2.The prototype with high temperature resistance. The material can be epoxy resin,bakelite, 

black PC, PA. Except the PC, other three materials can not be glued and need to be entirely machined.

3. Prototype with abrasive resistance. The material can be POM or PA. These two materials need 

to be entirely manchined.

4. Prototype with high toughness. The material can be PA and pp. These two materials need 

to be entirely manchined.

5. Transparent prototype. The material can be PMMA, transparent ABS, transparent PC. After polishing, 

the prototypes in these materials reach the effect of real prototype with high transparency.

6. The surface finished of prototyppe can be divided into oil spraying, plating, polishing, 

silk-screen and pad printing. The oil spraying can be divided into glossy surface, matte surface, 

sandy surface, transparency, translucency, fluorescence colour and robber process oil. 

Such matters need to be noticed.

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