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The Characteristic of CNC Machining

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The Characteristic of CNC Machining

The technological characteristics of CNC machining center:

Multiple operation machining such as milling,drilling,hinging,tapping

 re finished in one fixture as far as possible. 

And it adopts big cutting parameters.

The material CNC machine used: ABS,POM, PMMA, MC,PC,PP,PA,BT,

PVC,aluminium,copper, brass.

 The notices when ensuring process scheme

(1)Confirming the machining content of CNC machining center, 

the install datum of workpiece, machining datum,machining 

allowance and so on. It can give full play to efficiency of CNC 

machining center to arrange manufacturing procedure.

(2) when arranging manufacturing procedure, its priciple is from

roughness to precision. Fristly, it should be arranged heavy cut,

rough machining and the working allowance of remove workblank.

Secondly,it should be arranged the content with low machined 

accuracy requirement.

(3) The cooling method of mass flow. In order to reduce a large 

heat to machining precision when machining and improve the tool

life , it need to adopt the cooling method of mass flow.

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